Miss Gay America 2005

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Raquel's Reality


To read Raquel's MGA Farewell letter here!


Hello My Dear Friends!


It’s been quite a while since my latest post of “Raquel’s Reality.”  Life has been keeping me so busy that sometimes you need to remind yourself to stop and just enjoy it!  My latest venture has been opening the online Raquel Chevallier Productions eBay store.  It’s very time consuming, yet it has allowed me to connect with so many new people.  The buyers are not just customers, they become online friends because of the interaction that occurs through people inquiring, purchasing, receiving their items, and then finding out their satisfaction and feedback.  Now that my online store has gone international, it’s been even more exciting to connect with people throughout the world.


I would like to congratulate my Miss Gay America sister, Coti Collins.  I’m so very proud of her and know she will do an incredible job as Miss Gay America 2011, as she has already been an inspiration to many people for years, me included.  It was so wonderful being at Miss Gay America this past year serving as the head judge.  It seemed like another dream come true. 


It was wonderful getting to see many of my friends that I sometimes only get to see once a year, just at MGA.  And even more precious was meeting some of the new blood involved in the MGA Pageant System.




With the worldwide release of “Pageant – The Movie,” and especially it now being available on many cable channels, as well as NetFlix, I’ve received so many emails and posts from friends all over who “just saw me in a movie!”  Not only was it a blessing to be the reigning Miss Gay America at during the filming of the documentary, but it’s extra special that it brings the chance to hear from friends I haven’t heard from in years!  Be sure to check it out, it is a wonderful representation of not only the Miss Gay America Pageant System, but female impersonation in general!


Now that I am pursuing a full-time career different from the glitz and glamour of performing and pageantry, I do have plans to do some travelling and performing this year.  Please visit my Calendar for upcoming performances throughout the year.


I wish you all well and send my love, luck and lollipops to you!  Finally, it’s in “Raquel’s Reality” that we take time to appreciate who we are, where we’ve been, the people we’ve met, and the excitement of what’s yet to come.


Feel free to drop me a line at Raquel@RaquelChevallier.com 


All my love,
Raquel Chevallier
Miss Gay America 2005

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You can still read Raquel's Farewell letter here!



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