Miss Gay America 2005
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MGA 2005 Farewell Letter

For nearly a decade of my life I dedicated myself to the Miss Gay America pageant system. I grew as a person and as an entertainer. Each year that went by didn’t seem like a defeat, yet as a way for me to improve my character and my art.

So many times people have asked me how I could continue competing year after year. First of all, you must believe that it’s something you know you possess and secondly, you must surround yourself with positive energy. My friends always told me that as long as I wanted to compete they would be there to support me and do whatever they could, but I was the one on stage that had to do it. For their constant encouragement and support I am forever grateful

This journey has been one that I will cherish all my life. Each year I looked forward to coming to Miss Gay America to see friends that I only get to see usually once a year, and gain new ones each time. Some people may look at how much money you spend on competing and that once you win you’ll never make back that amount of money. I never looked at it that way and never will. The one thing you can’t put a price on is the people and the memories you make. If it wasn’t for me being part of the Miss Gay America pageant system all these years, I wouldn’t have had the incredible opportunity to meet so many people and make such wonderful friends.

Ramona Leger took me under her wing my first year at MGA, which was the year she won. Ironically, on her ten year anniversary, I was crowned Miss Gay America. She has been with me on this incredible journey and I hope I made her proud.

I have been so fortunate to be the only person to reign as Miss Gay America under Norma Kristie and serve such an important, pivotal role during the transition to L&T Entertainment. It has been an honor and a position that I always served with great pride.

One of the easiest, and yet, most difficult things, as Miss Gay America, at all of my preliminaries, was to feel the passion of each contestant, because I knew how they felt. Therefore, I tried to make such a connection with them to let them know I was once there and they could be where I am today. All it takes is determination and the ability to have an open mind and accept constructive criticism.

Although people say the year would fly by, mine really didn’t. I took in every moment, trying to appreciate every occasion, reflecting on the nine years I competed. I did so much, traveled and performed at so many places and met so many people that it seems like I really stretched the year and made the most of it.

I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason and when God feels it is the right time. Each year I stood on stage seeing someone else being crowned, and I knew it just wasn’t my time. I’m very glad it happened when it did, because I am a different person now and would not have been able to appreciate it.

I cannot begin to thank everyone who guided, encouraged, supported and simply gave their love to me throughout these past nine years. However, I do want you each to know that I couldn’t have done this without you and thought about all of you every time I wore the crown so proudly.

One of the most difficult, and yet most proud, jobs is to be the husband of Miss Gay America. For eight years Chris and I have spent our lives together and he never once tried to talk me out of competing, yet simply gave constant encouragement and love. It takes a strong relationship to endure a year of endless traveling and so much time apart. I love you Chris so much and thank you for your constant love and support.

Many people asked if I would be sad to see it end. I’m not sad in the least. I don’t view this as an ending at all, but completely as beginning a new chapter in my life and career. I look forward to being an active former, being part of such a prestigious family and always reigning as Miss Gay America 2005.

All my love,

Raquel Chevallier
Miss Gay America 2005

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